Great White Shark

Overall Rating:

Rating – High Season

April to August

Rating – Low Season

September to March

This dive is rated as one of the main attractions that South Africa has to offer for the international diver and must rate 10/10

Rating – As A Dive

Not rated


As with any wild animal one can not guarantee a sighting of this awesome shark. If you opt for this dive you will launch from Gaansbaai and head for Dyer Island.

You will be lowered in a cage just below the surface of the waters off Gaansbaai, by the best operator in the area (Andre Hartman & JP Botha).

A chum slick is laid down to attract these creatures and they are lured to the boat with the aid of bait.

The water temperature ranges between 10oC & 16oC. The cold waters off this coat line seems vanish as the sharks appear and your adrenaline kicks in.

It is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, fear, excitement and accomplishment all rolled up in a neat package. You will spend almost the entire day on the boat, light refreshments will be provided.


Dyers Island just off Gaansbaai.


As it is a cage dive the maximum depth is never more than 2m

Works Best

As previously stated the high season is from April to August and the dive works best in calm seas, as it is a cage dive. It is very difficult to control things as the weather conditions get worse, and this usually spells ABORT.

However Andre & JP will do their best to deliver the goods in a safe and comfortable environment.

Famous For

Kelp, seals, excitement and BIG SHARKS


Due to the nature of the operation there are no real dangers if the rules are followed and you listen to the operator.


Not specified.

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