About Us

AFRICAN WATERSPORTS was one of the first scuba diving companies to see the potential, and to establish itself at this premium dive site, the Aliwal Shoal. Initially AFRICAN WATERSPORTS concerned itself with the exploration of the Aliwal Shoal, and found some of the top dive sites dived today. This exploration bore fruits, and although many of the sites are dived by other operators in the industry, there are still some sites that no other company dives except AFRICAN WATERSPORTS. This philosophy of expanding our horizon continues today, with some exciting discoveries in the world of diving. You can read more by clicking on the “Dives” link.

In all, our policy is give our clients what they are looking for. Some of our divers want to see the pretty small fish, others want to hunt for the Giant Brindle Bass, others want to see “Tiger Sharks” up close and personal with no cages, some want to do wreck penetrations, and some like it deep. Whatever the demand we pride ourselves with the ability to deliver in a reliable and safe manner. Some of the more prominent people that we have delivered for are:-

It is our commitment and pledge that we will offer YOU the International Tourist, Dive Club or Individual the same experience, and give YOU the unforgettable dive YOU have been looking for.