Dive Spots

Sardine Run
10/10 This dive is rated as one of the main attractions that South Africa has to offer for the international diver.
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The Bull Ring
11/10 Have you ever taken yourself out of your comfort zone? Stared into the Abyss of your Fears, and emerged Victorious?
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Brindle Bass Hunt
10/10 This is Walters favorite dive, every time he comes up from the dive he babbles on like a person that has just discovered the meaning of life.
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The Produce
10/10 What is a good day? What is a bad day? If you are looking for pristine conditions on a good day the Produce produces the king of all dives.
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The Nebo
9/10 The Nebo is closer inshore than any of the other regularly dived sites. For this reason more often than not the Nebo is not blessed by clean water.
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The African Tiger
11/10 For the avid diver this dive makes the big five on land pale into insignificance, and is a must for all serious camera crews, adrenaline junkies and shark fanatics.
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Raggie Close Encounter
10/10 The best and most famous places to observe these creatures during the above period are Raggies Cave and Cathedral.
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Outside Edge
10/10 As it is a reef dive the season is all year round. For people that enjoy a good drift dive with dramatic topography and good fish life, this is it.
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North Sands
7/10 This is a large sand patch in the inside edge of the reef, at the northern end of the Aliwal Shoal. It has a raised lip that offers protection for new divers (students) and juvenile fish from any current.
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Inside Edge
7/10 Inside Edge, as its name suggests runs roughly North to South along the shoreward side of the Aliwal Shoal. It is an excellent dive in the right conditions.
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Eel Skin
8/10 It is mostly a shallow dive starting at 11m and dropping off to 18 to 20m making it accessible to all qualifications.
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Cathedral Reef Dive
9/10 One of the only drawbacks is the depth (27m). This is not a suitable dive for Open Water Divers. It however must be rated 9/10, and should be good enough reason for Open Water divers to do an Advanced course.
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