Bull Shark Frenzy

Diving into the Deep Blue!

Diving with African Watersports in the Summer months in South Africa has been incredible!

Dive into a thrilling underwater journey with our latest video.

Get up close and personal with one of the most aggressive shark species, the bull shark, in their natural habitat. Witness the frenzy of bull sharks in their feeding zone, a spectacle that is both awe-inspiring and spine-chilling!

Our underwater cinematography captures the majestic bull sharks in all their glory, as we explore the mysteries of the deep blue. If you’re fascinated by marine life, ocean exploration, and extreme sports, this is the video for you!

Tap into your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the untamed power and beauty of the ocean depths. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more exciting deep-sea adventures!

Dive with Us & our #Fearless Leader ~ Walter Bernardis ~ ‘The Original!’
Aliwal Shoal || South Africa