The Bull Ring

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Have you ever taken yourself out of your comfort zone? Stared into the Abyss of your Fears, and emerged Victorious?

Well, a Close Encounters with Bull Sharks in ‘The Bull Ring” with Walter Bernardis is The Most Exclusive, Exhilarating, Scuba Diving Adventure, South Africa has to offer! Rating of 11/10


African Watersports, lead by our Fearless Leader, Walter Bernardis, offer an exclusive experience, only dived by our Crew, during the Summer Months in the Southern Hemisphere. From December to April each year, our reef system, the Aliwal Shoal, hosts a variety of large Bull Sharks. The most famous of which is Walter’s favourite lady, “Smiley”. Here, Walter teaches divers the correct way to interact and get Face-to-Face with these Apex Predators of the Deep. Considered to be the most dangerous Shark to Humans, these Close Encounters will have your adrenaline racing!

This dive uses baiting techniques used to mimic natural feeding patterns. Extensive briefings are given on the correct underwater behaviour divers must follow. This dive is an Advanced Dive, averaging at 20m of depth is a drift dive.

Often, other sharks and pelagic sea creatures come in to investigate the bait system, making every minute of this dive an Underwater Safari like never before seen!


Although around the Reef of the Aliwal Shoal, the exact location of this dive is Top Secret!


15m to 30m

Works Best

In a Strong Current to carry bait sent far and wide, attracting the Apex Predators to join us.

Famous For

Bull Shark Close Encounters


Not being one of the Brave is the only Danger! You have to be in it to win it!
This dive is well controlled and briefed and is guaranteed to Blow You Away!


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