Sardine Run

Overall Rating:

Rating – High Season

June & July

Rating – Low Season

August till May

This dive is rated as one of the main attractions that South Africa has to offer for the international diver and a must rate 10/10

Rating – As A Dive

Not rated


The Greatest Shoal on Earth is the planet’s largest migration of any animal. As billions of Sardines begin to travel North each year, we intercept their path off the Wild Coast to witness Ocean Predators hunting & feeding on bait balls.

Using years of experience, our aircraft & highly skilled crew, led by our Fearless Leader, Walter Bernardis, the Sardine Run with African Watersports should be on every diver & ocean lover’s bucket list!

We offer 6 Night, 5 Day Expeditions during June and July each year, which include Dinner, Bed & Breakfast as well as a Packed Lunch for your time at sea.

No words can accurately describe the magnitude of this migration & feeding frenzy, no single video can capture it & simply tell the whole story. Join Walter Bernardis & African Watersports and experience the best South Africa has to offer!


Transkei, Wild Coast, South Africa


This is Pelagic Diving. Although Non-Divers are Welcome to Snorkel, Scuba Divers need to watch their depths. We have an Advanced Reef Dive available for those qualified if conditions allow.

Works Best

All divers should bring dark, dull, or black dive gear, a waterproof jacket and bag, and a beanie as the air temperature can be quite cold in our Winter. A detailed briefing is given on Day 1, and your Dive Master and Skipper are on hand to take you to the action! Bring your sense of Adventure and explore the Wild Coast of Southern Africa!

Famous For

Bait Balls, Thousands of Dolphins, Sharks & Migrating Humpback Whales!


Due to the nature of the operation, there are no dangers if the rules are followed, and you listen to the operator & crew at all times! Interacting with Wild Animals always has some risk!


Not specified.