The African Tiger

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For the avid diver this dive makes the big five on land pale into insignificance, and is a must for all serious camera crews, adrenaline junkies and shark fanatics.

For this it scores an 11/10. This dive will have a profound impact on your life, as it is not just a dive but an experience.


Although this dive uses baiting techniques, these mimic the natural feeding pattern as close as possible, and does not induce a feeding frenzy at any stage.

This is one of the only 3 known sites in the World where the diver can interact with one of the top apex predators without a cage, close up and personal.

A must for the Adrenaline junkie or shark fanatic, this dive allows the avid photographer or videographer an excellent opportunity to capture these magnificent creatures in all their splendor in their natural environment.

Although the Tigers appearance can not be guaranteed, we have through hundreds of dives, learned which conditions the Tigers enjoy and have had an 80% strike rate.

Whilst waiting for the Tigers appearance there is such and abundance of fish life around that one is never bored.

One sometimes has other visitors e.g. Hammer Heads, White Tip Reef Sharks, Raggies (in winter), Great Whites and Dusky Sharks. Other species include the Potato and rare Torbino Bass, Rays, Eels the list is endless.


The Tiger Shark Experience takes place on a shallow reef at a depth of 14.5m on Eel Skin, a southern site of the Aliwal Shoal.


14.5 m

Works Best

The chant that we want to hear on the boat is current. Without a current the chances of a Tiger Shark showing diminishes dramatically.

However due to the shallow depth and the fixed site if there is a big swell the dive can be very uncomfortable as your depth increases and decreases as waves pass over head.

Famous For

Besides Tiger Sharks. There is a myriad of other fish species and even if the Tiger Sharks do not show this dive is a spectacular dive.


Missing out and not doing the dive!!! The dive is very controlled and should pose no danger to the diver if he or she does not do something stupid like try and catch a tiger by the tail.


Not specified.