Brindle Bass Hunt

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10/10 This is Walters favorite dive, every time he comes up from the dive he babbles on like a person that has just discovered the meaning of life.


It all starts with a very innocent and safe wreck penetration that on it’s own is an exciting dive. Walter is very specific as to each person’s duty and position on this dive.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on this dive is in the form of massive Brindle Bass. Fortunately you are never the hunted as these fish certainly have the upper hand in the size and mobility aspects.

The thrill of the hunt is unexplainable back on the boat. From the skipper’s point of view I have never felt as excluded as I do when the divers are back on the boat and finally able to talk again.

They retrace the dive amongst the group all wanting to fill in gaps as the excitement is sustained all the way back to the beach. On the beach they look down upon the next group on hearing that they are going to do a drift dive on the reef.

One gets the feeling that they are smug and thinking to them selves, shame, if only you were on my dive. Unlike the Sardine Run Dive and the Winter Salmon Dive this takes place all year round.

This dive give one the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the most shy fishes that frequent our waters. These gentle giants can only be approached with stealth and cunning, not two words that spring to mind when describing Walter.

These fish are huge, attaining almost 3m in length and over 500kg in weight. However Walter has perfected the hunt and under his guidance the avid diver will get great results on this dive.


Not specified.


The maximum depth on this dive is 32m, which unfortunately excludes all divers that have not got an advanced qualification. It is a wreck penetration dive.

Famous For

Besides the excitement of the wreck penetration, the main attraction is the Massive Brindle Bass that can obtain 3m in length and weigh in excess of 500kg


Becoming supper! Only joking. There are no inherent dangers if you are a competent diver that is not claustrophobic in confined spaces, as it is a wreck penetration dive.

The dive is well controlled with the most competent divers forming sentries along the way to assess your progress and assist if necessary.


Not specified.