The Produce

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What is a good day? What is a bad day? If you are looking for pristine conditions on a good day the Produce produces the king of all dives and definitely gets a 10/10.

On a bad day when there is a strong current and poor visibility you will be treated to the best dive of your life, with a massive diversity of fish life.

This to must rate 10/10. However this dive is not for the feint harted.


The Produce is an old cargo vessel that was allegedly carrying molasses. She is 119m long and lies facing due North toward the Umkomaas River.

She has come to rest on her starboard side with her back is broken leaving her midships very flat and scattered. Her propeller has been salvaged, however her spare prop can be seen on her bow.

The vessel is home to a host of Giant Brindle Bass, which are massive fish about 3m long, and 1.5m . Divers can also see Harlequin Goldies all around the wreck; they are endemic to the wreck.

The Produce was travelling from Durban, headed south when it struck the Aliwal Shoal in 1974. There were no lives lost as a rescue party launched from the Umkomaas River managed to reach in time.

The Janson brothers, two commercial fishermen that still operate in the area, were responsible for the rescue in dangerous seas for which they received our countries highest award for bravery (the Honorous Crux).

In addition to the people registered on the ship’s log, two more lives were saved – two ladies from the Point Road area (Red Light District) of Durban that were believed to be maintaining the morale of the ship’s crew.


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The Produce lies on the sandy bottom, which is 33m deep. At the shallowest point the Produce reaches up from the bottom to 16m below the surface.

Works Best

The Produce dive is best in a moderate North to South current, and under the guidance of Walter, the owner of African Watersports Aliwal.

Famous For

The produce is famous for the Brindle Bass, as well as the Harlequin Goldies, Lionfish and the strong currents that sometimes make this a very demanding dive.


There are a lot of loose cables, which can entangle divers. There are also hundreds of Lion and scorpion fish which can inflict a painful sting.

The other danger that divers can not avoid is the hydroids that can cause a very painful rash, the only way to avoid the rash is to rub your hands together well before you touch yourself.

One must also not forget the physical dangers such as sharp pieces of metal and lose metal plates, which might cause injury.


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