The Nebo

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The Nebo is closer inshore than any of the other regularly dived sites. For this reason more often than not the Nebo is not blessed by clean water.

However if you do manage to dive the Nebo and have an experienced Dive Master you will have one of your best dives ever.

I will give the Nebo a well earned 9/10


The Nebo is reported to have been carrying materials for the Van Stadens river bridge back in the 1800’s when she sank due to incorrect loading. She was top heavy and after encountering rough seas, simply put, she went belly up and sank.

The wreck that is over 100 years old, is broken into two main parts and if it is clean or you have an experienced dive master, it is a simple navigation exercise to get from one part to the other.


The depth on top of the wreck is 19m and at the bottom on the sand you will get a reading of 27m

Works Best

The Nebo is best dived on the incoming tide and with a South to North current as this takes the brown river water from the Umkomaas River Northwards.

Famous For

The Nebo is best known for the shoals of salmon that frequet the wreck as well as the massive propeller.


The Nebo has no major obstacles and is not known for it’s penetration dives’ there are no other real threats other than the many scorpion fish that frequent this site.


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